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golf kit 2015


i’ve caught the golf bug.  i always get it around this time of year.  it usually last for 3 or 4 months and then disappears when the weather gets cold.  i’m not a great golfer, but i aspire to be.  the first step to reaching that goal is to look like a golfer.  with that said, here’s what i’m wearing and swinging this summer:

travis mathews golf shirt – these shirts are amazing.  they are fitted and have a retro feel to them.  if they’re good enough for bubba, they’re good enough for me.

ecco golf shoes – i used to think these looked ridiculous.  not anymore.  i couldn’t play without them.  they are the most comfortable golf shoes on the market and i’ve pretty much tried them all.  not even joking.

yeti rambler – it will keep your drink cool for days.  days.  did you hear that?  days.

scotty cameron newport 2.5 putter – the very first “big” item i ever purchased with my own money was a scotty cameron putter.  i now own 4 of them.  i refuse to putt with anything else.

titleist pro v1 golf balls – the best golf balls on the market (in my opinion).

masters tour visor – i realize tour visors are super fratty, but i don’t care.  they are essential to my golf game.  no link provided, but you may be able to find one on ebay.

callaway big bertha alpha 815 driver – i must confess.  i don’t own this driver, but i will before the end of the summer.  i bought two callaway fairway woods last year and trust that this driver is the best on the market.  i’ll keep you posted.

arsenal ball marker poker chips – you need something to mark your ball with, so why not show your support for the best football club on the planet.

scotty cameron belt buckle – you will never catch me in a white belt, but that doesn’t mean i’m not going to rock a dope belt buckle while i’m taking your $3 (nassau, bitches).

j. crew 9″ stanton shorts – 9″ is the perfect shorts length for the golf course.  please no chubbies or stand up shorts.  leave your balls in your bag (see what i did there?  i am hilarious.)

let’s get some shorts


this is going to be hard for some of you to grasp, but i hate shorts.  i always have.  i try to wear my jeans all summer, but it’s not practical.  june, july and august in nashville call for shorts.  i can’t escape it.  i’m 5’9″ which means a) i’m not good at basketball and b) i’m in between inseam lengths for shorts.  not gonna lie, i rocked some fratagonia stand-up shorts in college until i realized no one wanted to see my pasty white thighs and/or nuts.  i believe the inseam on those puppies is 5″ (what the hell was i thinking).  since then, i’ve played around with various inseams and styles and realized that for someone my height the perfect inseam hovers between 7 and 9 inches.  i also prefer a more tailored cut that hugs your legs rather than gives someone a chance to peep your jewels if you tend to wear boxers.  so if you’re in the market for new shorts this summer, check out unis emmett shorts.  they have a narrow leg and an 8 inch inseam which hits right above the knees (below the knees is a no no, ya dingus).  they also come in 6 different colors.  they’re a bit on the pricey side, but no one said looking good is cheap.

ps for post title reference see here

the rules of the flip flop

there’s an epidemic that sweeps the nation whenever the weather heats up: men leave their homes wearing flip flops with jeans and other long pants.  you might be thinking why wouldn’t they – they’re easy to put on and they’re comfortable.  i don’t get it.  unless you live close to the beach or are a lifeguard there’s no reason to wear flip flops anywhere.  no one wants to look at your feet.  please understand i’m not talking to women.  i realize this is a double standard, but women take care of their feet.  men do not.  i hate walking into a nice restaurant or bar and seeing dudes wearing jeans or khakis with flip flops.  it’s lazy and looks terrible.  there are plenty of options out there that are just as comfortable and look better i.e. loafers, driving mocs, espadrilles, vans, etc.  with this in mind, here are my rules for flip flops:

1) never ever wear with jeans or pants if you’re not within a 5 mile radius of the beach.  in all honesty, i wouldn’t do it at the beach, but i can live with it there.

2) if you must wear them with shorts in the summertime because they’re comfortable and your feet sweat, then only do so when the weather is 85+ degrees.  you don’t want to be mistaken for a year-round summer rube.

3) never ever wear “strappy” sandals or crocs.  nothing says tourist or disney world like “strappy” leather sandals especially when paired with a nice pair of white socks.

4) buy cheap flip flops .

5) never wear flip flops with skinny jeans (see below).  it makes the skinny jeans look even more lame.  further more, never buy super skinny jeans.  they look like tights and you look super stupid.

6) do not wear a suit coat/sport coat or tie with flip flops (see below).  no matter how hard you try you cannot dress up flip flops.

7) never wear flip flops to a business meeting.  i don’t care if you’re a computer programmer or in the music biz.  no one wants to do business with someone with exposed feet.

i’m sure many of you will disagree with me here and that’s ok.  i just wanted to throw these rules out there in case i can persuade 1 or 2 of you to stop wearing flip flops with jeans.  it’s such a terrible look.