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the lounger boot

a few years ago, my buddy jay at red clay soul started a campaign for l.l. bean to bring back the lounger boot.  they listened and are now offering two versions: 1) the shearling lounger with no buckle (not pictured) and 2) the l.l. bean signature maine hunting lounger that you see above.  the shearling lounger is a 7 inch pull on boot that retails for $169.  the maine hunting lounger (again above) is a 9 inch pull on boot with no shearling lining and an added buckle.  it retails for $199.  i love the look of the maine hunting lounger, but i do not understand the price point.  $199 seems a bit excessive for a bean boot.  am i wrong about this?  what am i missing?  would you pay $199 for this boot?  i love you l.l. bean, but i think i’ll stick with my 8 inch bean boots and rubber mocs that together cost $20 less than this boot.

spring shirt options: l.l. bean signature

l.l. bean’s signature’s stuff is good quality for the price.  there are several shirts i like on their site, but these are a few of my favorites.  if you don’t have a casual white oxford shirt for the weekend, the one below will run you $49.   that ain’t too bad.  i’m also a big fan of the linen/cotton canvas blend shirt with the one flap button pocket.  the one below is listed as navy but looks more charcoal to me.

all navy everything

two of my favorite items on earth are my barbour bedale and my bean boots.  when i was in nyc last weekend, i stopped by the barbour store in soho and fell in love with the navy bedale.  i don’t know if i’m sick of my green one or just wanting something new, but i really dig it.

i also like the navy waxed canvas bean boots from l.l. bean’s signature line.  yesterday i saw pics of them on a couple of different blogs i read and thought it might be fate telling me i needed some.

obviously navy is not a new color, but i’m starting to see it more as an option for products i like.  one might worry that navy doesn’t look good with jeans, but i disagree completely.  i think you can wear jeans with anything.  not scared of denim on denim either.

new from l.l. bean signature

it didn’t take me long to get over my issue with l.l. bean.  like i said it was probably my fault for procrastinating.  yesterday they released a couple of new items for l.l. bean signature.  the v-neck nordic sweater and the crepe soul moc boot are my favorite of the new arrivals.  the sweater is available now and the boots are available for pre-order.  i will be purchasing the sweater tomorrow post-payday.