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red wing weekender chukka boots


are you sick of your clarks desert boots yet?  i was, so i searched for an alternative and low and behold i found these red wing weekender chukka boots.  since i don’t blog as much as i used to and/or keep up as much as i used to, i didn’t know these were a thing, but they are.  they’re solid shoes for the summer when you have to wear pants.  the only thing is that they’re wide as hell, so if you have a narrow foot, go for a size down.  if you have a wide foot go a half size down.  break in time is less than a full day in them.  nice job red wing.  get yours at todd snyder.


buying a barbour


believe it or not i have not mentioned the word “barbour” on here since 2011.  that’s gotta be a joke, right?  i love this brand.  surely, it must have come up at some point.  a quick search tells me it hasn’t.  hmm…i digress.

with the temperature now dropping, it’s slowly becoming barbour season i.e. time to dust off the ol’ bedale and liddesdale.  (i had an international, but recently unloaded it because the tagged size wasn’t the same as the actual jacket size.  took me a year to figure it out.  always check the size on the label even if it’s hidden in a tiny pocket.)  if you’re new to barbour and like your clothes to fit, the sizing can be a bit of a headache.  for my personal sizing tips, click on the next page and i will walk you carefully through this difficult process.   Continue reading

the alden indy boot

i’ve wanted these indy boots for over 3 years now.  i’ve been to new york twice during this time with the intention to buy a pair at the alden store on madison avenue.  i chickened out both times after trying them on.  i told the guys working there that i would order a pair when i got back to nashville.  i finally made good on that promise last month when a friend of mine told me he knew one of the gentlemen that worked at that store (shout out to curt who took excellent care of me).

it only took me two tries to get the size right.  i measure a 9.5 on a brannock device and went a half size down as instructed.   the 9 felt huge on my feet, so i returned and reordered an 8.5.  they fit like a glove.  these are by far some of the nicest boots i will ever own.  they’re every bit worth the wait and money.  i can’t wait to break them in; although, i probably won’t let them get as destroyed as indiana jones’:

the sid mashburn double monk strap

these shoes need no introduction; however, they do deserve better pictures.  i’m still snapping everything with my iphone after hours, so i apologize for the crappy pics.  i’ve been on a bit of a buying tear lately – some might call it retail therapy (it’s been one of those weeks).  you might remember that a couple of months ago i ordered a pair of  allen edmonds moras.  i wore them for a few days and determined they were a too big, so i sold them to a happy ebayer.  i should have started with the sid mashburn double monks.  they are perfect shoes.  if they’re not instantly your favorite shoes, then i can’t help you.  size down .5.

tretorns have arrived

my “blogger shoes” as paul would call them arrived yesterday.  i apologize for doubling up on the tretorn talk this week, but i figured my new kicks were worth the time.  if you’re on the fence about buying some, do it.  you’ll love them.  they’re light weight and comfortable.  my only knock on them would be that they run narrow (length runs true to size).  as you can see the navy color waxed canvas looks exceptional.  i wore them for 5 hours last night and didn’t want to take them off.  i think i’m going to order a white pair too.

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l.l. bean love

i had a pair of bean boots in high school but they were a size too big.  at that time i didn’t care.  i let them hang off my feet.  when i went to college, they disappeared in the transition.  i hadn’t thought much about bean boots until the signature line released their first bean boots last year around this time.  i pre-ordered and was pleased when they arrived.  i sold them on ebay several weeks later  cause i needed some extra cash.  i figured i could just order another pair.  not so fast.  when i got around to ordering the things, l.l. bean said i would have to wait 3 months to get my pair.  i couldn’t figure it out.  i decided not to place an order.

what i didn’t realize is that in the past 2 years bean boots had become a hot item.  they couldn’t make them as fast as they were being ordered.  supply and demand, my friend.  the blogosphere had crowned bean boots as the go-to winter snow and rain boot.  rightfully so because they’re amazing boots.

as fall of 2010 approached, i placed another order for boots.  this time, like an idiot, i ordered them too big.  i didn’t realize you truly needed to follow their sizing info on the website which basically says size down.  i returned those only to find out that they were sold out again and i’d have to wait three months.  so i waited and they came in january.  i took them to new york with me, wore them for a day, and determined these were also too big.  i started to panic because i didn’t want to be out another $90.  i called l.l. bean and told them the situation.  that’s when they explained their return policy: if you’re not happy with them return them for a full refund or exchange.  but i’ve already worn them.  not a problem.  incredible.  can you imagine if all companies worked this way?

my new boots came yesterday.  they told me there would be a 2 month wait to get these and there wasn’t.  it was a great surprise.  thanks l.l. bean.


my 875s came last night.  i ordered them from dave’s in new york on tuesday morning and they were here thursday night.  you have to phone order the 875s because authorized red wing dealers can technically only sell them in store.  the guy on the phone could not have been more helpful.  i highly recommend ordering your next pair of red wing boots from dave’s.

i’m pumped to finally have a pair after months of wondering which ones to pounce on.  they are beautiful boots.  i’ll admit i was nervous about the sizing since i’ve had so much trouble in the past, but these fit like a glove.  i’m in between a 9.5 and 10 and went with the 9.5s.  in a previous post i said i might take a 9.  scratch that.  these are perfect.  now the break in period starts.  will they make it to next november?  we’ll see.

word to the wise: do a lot of searching before buying your red wings at j. crew.  these were $170 shipped.  most of the crew boots you can find other places much cheaper if you look, but you probably already knew that.

new arrivals

the new balance for j. crew collab is now available and not a moment too soon cause tomorrow is payday.  god bless the 1st and the 15th.

update: i spoke to a gentleman at j. crew today that said they fit true to size.  order accordingly.

almost red wing time

i wish the shoes above were mine.  i wish i had braved the break in period long enough to own a pair that needed to be resoled.  for the past two years i’ve attempted to find the perfect pair of red wings.  i’ve tried the 875, 1905, 877, and a couple of other models.  none seem to fit just right and it’s totally my fault.

the first pair i purchased were my running shoe size 10.5.  they felt like clown shoes.  i went down a half size and they were still too big.  i then settled on the 9.5 for a couple of months until i realized my heel was still slipping.  i refused to to admit that i had made the same mistake 3 different times so i waited until the end of the winter to order a 9 in the irish setter model (877).  unfortunately they felt too tight.  i took to to see if others were having the same issue.  they were.  in fact there’s a whole thread devoted to red wing sizing there.

now here i am a year later reading the same blogs and seeing the same cool cats post pictures of their precious red wings all cleaned up for the winter time.  i’m jealous.  i want to post pictures of my red wings, but i don’t have any.  it’s time to man up and not be such a wuss this season.  i’m ordering a new pair.  i might even do it today.  and i’m going to break the f**kers in so next september i can show you how bada** my red wings look.  you’ll see.

and if you want to know the consensus on sizing i’ll tell you what i learned.  most people size down a 1/2 from their original shoe size e.g. if you’re a 10 in most shoes then order a 9.5.  most red wings don’t come with insoles so they’re thin at the bottom.  if you want to put an insole in yours then you might be happy ordering true-to-size.  if you have any questions or need any help send me an email