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beach inspiration: jeff spicoli

it was 85 degrees today in nashville which got me thinking about the summer and more specifically my upcoming trip to the beach.  a lot of folks are on spring break right now, so this post may not be as premature as you might think.  when i’m at the beach, i like keep things very jeff spicoli: short sleeve polo shirt, volley swim trunks, slip on vans, and some form of beach bag.  if you haven’t seen fast times at ridgemont high, you need to plan on watching it as soon as you possibly can.  mr. serious sean penn as a high school stoner and phoebe cates in a bikini: what’s not to like?

vans classic slip-ons new colors for fall

vans slip-ons are on my list of all time favorite kicks.  this fall they’re offering three new colors: steel blue, zinfandel, and light gray.  not a fan of the zinfandel.  it looks exactly how you would imagine.  i will be buying these blue steel, er, i mean steel blue ones above.  classic.