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summer kicks 2014


it’s technically not summer yet (that’s june 21st, fools), but that’s no reason not to go ahead and upgrade your shoe game.  the past few summers i’ve rocked a couple of pairs of vans (slip ons and authentics), tretorns, and some chuck taylors (i’m not big on boat shoes or espadrilles).  this year i’m going with the three beauties you see above.  from top to bottom: adidas stan smith in navy, vans slip ons in black and gray, and nike killshots.  i shouldn’t have to tell you that slip on vans should be an essential part of your summer wardrobe.  more summer staples to come this week.  get excited.

summer shoes


every summer, i pick a cheap pair of shoes to wear trash.  i spend the summer nights and weekends trying my damnedest to get them dirty.  at the end of the summer, i take pride in the lived-in look that comes from all of the cookouts and trips to the beach and ballpark.  this year, i’m changing it up a bit by adding a pair of checkerboard vans slip-ons to the mix.  they look new and stiff now, but by the time september rolls around, i’m hoping a spin in the washing machine can’t get all the dirt off.  what kicks are you rocking this summer?

white authentics with leather laces

i apologize for the lack of posts lately.  my internet at work has been a bit messed up.  i need to start auto-posting the night before so i can keep up.  i’ve got a lot of good stuff planned for the next couple of weeks.

with spring right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about new kicks.  my favorite spring/summer shoe is either the vans slip-on or the authentic (above).  i’ve always gone with black, gray or navy when buying either shoe, but this spring i’m going to branch out and get white authentics.

white shoes are a tricky thing to pull off.  you don’t want to look too hip hop or like you’re trying too hard to look cool.  the break in period usually consists off some ridicule from your friends, wife or girlfriend.  fear not.  give them some character by adding leather laces to the equation.  the white laces don’t do the shoes any favors.  i stole this idea from ryan at [you have broken the internet].  here are a shot of his authentics: