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perfect shades

the sun just came out in nashville, so it’s time to start thinking about sunglasses.  i’ve always fancied myself a ray-ban man, but it never hurts to add a couple of different pairs to your rotation.  i love moscot eye-wear.   they’re a new york based company that have been around for over 100 years.  they’re big on customer service.  i know this because i visited their store last spring.  a buddy of mine took them a pair of broken sunglasses and they fixed them in a couple of hours.  they even kept the store open late so he could pick them up.  a lot of people buy cheap sunglasses.  stop doing that.  buy them from moscot and take good care of them, because moscot will take good care of you.  two of my favorites are the nebb (top pic) and the lemtosh (below).

band of outsiders spring 2011 lookbook

band of outsiders just realeased their spring 2011 lookbook.  you can find the whole photo shoot featuring actor james mardsen here, but if you don’t have time to look at all the pics click on the next page for a few of my favorites.  Continue reading

more from l.l. bean signature

the shirt shop.  these are right up my alley and in my price range.  this page – pulled from their new catalog – gives the shirts more life than the ones found on the website.  if i had one piece of advice for l.l. bean signature, it would be to revamp their online store and make it more relaxed.  the models look stiff and uncomfortable – which makes me hesitant to buy their shirts.

club monaco spring 2011

club monaco continues to grow on me.  their clothes look nice and are in my price range.  i stole a few pics from their spring lookbook to give you a little taste of what they’re selling.  i’m a fan of the varsity jacket, chinos, and light-weight navy blazer.  more pics on the next page.    Continue reading

mark mcnairy in garden and gun

i’m hoping this picture looks a lot better on your computer than it does on my awful work computer (dell).  i caught this page in the newest issue of garden and gun with the avett brothers on the cover.  i have a love/hate relationship with mark mcnairy.  some of his collections are a little too off-the-wall for me – like the white bucks with the bright blue sole – but occasionally he will surprise me.  i almost wrecked my car when i saw these double monk bucks.  i’m a sucker for red brick soled shoes.  he seems to like them too since 70% of his shoes have them.  i also love the long wing boot he did with engineered garments.

on another note, i still don’t own any double monks because i can’t find any that i like.  i emailed lawrence of sartorially inclined while i was in new york to ask him where i could find a pair in a decent price range ($250-$450).  he told me you couldn’t get quality double monks for that price and to wait for his run of the mill ones to come out this spring.  my curiosity is piqued.  i’m looking forward to seeing those.