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out today

steve jobs by walter isaacson.  i’ve been excited about this book since it was announced.  jobs tried his hardest to control what information people had on him, so i was surprised to see that he let isaacson write an authorized biography.  i can’t wait to read what’s in there.  i hope jobs isn’t mad i ordered mine from the amazon kindle store (i like the kindle app better than ibooks).

coldplay mylo xyloto.  there are probably just as many coldplay haters as there are fans these days.  after a rush of blood to the head they could do not wrong until they decided they wanted to get bigger.  remember all those stupid discussion you’ve had with friends about bands “selling out” (btw coldplay clearly sold out with x&y).  i’ve been on both sides.  who cares.  i’m downloading this brian eno produced record.

steve jobs 1955-2011

your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…stay hungry.  stay foolish.

the quote above is pulled from steve’s commencement speech at stanford university in 2005.  you can read the whole thing here.

i’m an apple fanboy.  i’ll miss steve jobs.  there was comfort in knowing that at every apple product launch he would be there in his black turtleneck, ripped jeans, and new balance 991s.  dude was a total rockstar.