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steven alan x nike

i’m a sucker for any gray tennis shoe especially when it’s a retro flavor.  nikes don’t excite my like your average blogger, but i’m all over this collaboration between steven alan and nike.  of course, they’re already all sold out.  i got out of town for one weekend and this is what happens.  i’ll keep checking in case they release a few more – which is not likely.

in search of: the parka

pay no attention to the dude on the left that looks like an extra on gilligan’s island.  with that said this is still one of my favorite shots in take ivy. i like the loafers-no-socks-high-pants look.  i’m in search of a parka like the fellas on the right.  here’s a “hiking jacket” that i found from steven alan that might do the trick:

probably a little too pricey, but i still like that look.  if anyone knows where i can find one on the cheap (that isn’t ebay), let me know.

undecided: slim fit cargo pants

i’m noticing a lot of slim fit cargo pants for the fall.  i’ve always been of the mind that i do not do cargo anything, but some of the ones i’ve seen look solid – like the steven alan for dockers above.  run of the mill shop carries a pair from mark mcnairy that don’t look too bad either.  i might sit this round out, but i’m undecided at the moment.

fall essential

steven alan shirt.