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fall inspiration: r.p. mcmurphy

one flew over the cuckoo’s nest is one of my all time favorite films.  if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and add it to your netflix instant queue.  jack nicholson’s performance as r.p. mcmurphy earned him an oscar in 1975.  with that said, it’s not the most stylish film ever – unless you’re into hospital gowns from the 1970’s – but mcmurphy’s style outside of the institution is fall inspiration for me every year.  you can’t go wrong with an old pair of blue jeans, some red wing 875s, a denim shirt, and beat-up bomber jacket.  classic.  Continue reading

springsteen f/w

these are two of my favorite images of springsteen.  one looks like it was shot in the fall and the other in winter.  i want a leather jacket.  i’m gonna buy a schott perfecto 613 before i die.  i may never wear it, but that won’t stop me from owning it.

i spent a good two hours on friday night listening to the promise after a couple of beers.  holy shit.  what an album.  if i could write one song like springsteen, i’d die a happy man.  he’s such an interesting study for me.  on the surface level, his music is so simple, but when you start to break it down and really listen to it, it’s much more than that.  do remember the first time you heard “born in the usa?”  do you remember the first time you actually heard the lyrics.  it makes a difference.

cold weather accessory

never underestimate a good stocking hat in the fall and winter.  i’ve always gone with either a navy or gray, but i think it’s time to branch out.  the price of a good stocking hat can range from $3 to $100 and honestly if you’re paying that much then you must be rich and crazy.  i have a couple of $20 stocking hats from the gap that have lasted for several years.

i like the saint james for j. crew hat above.  saint james is a french clothing manufacturer that got its start by making wool products for sailors i.e. they know how to keep you warm.  you can find another version of their cap for $10 cheaper here.  i believe the main difference is that the wool on the cheaper hat is not as thick.

if you need some inspiration on how to wear your red stocking hat look no further than steve zissou and his crew: