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fall wish list: suede chelsea boots


fall is just around the corner.  fall is just around the corner.  fall is just around the corner.  if i say it enough, then maybe it will get here sooner.  it’s been 98º this weekend in nashville.  i’ve had enough.  it’s time for fall.  first thing on my fall wish list is a pair of suede chelsea boots like these from sid mashburn.  these particular boots have been on my wish list for a couple of years now, but the time feels right to finally make the purchase.  the plan is to hit atlanta sometime in september (braves game anyone?).  these will be coming back with me.


alden for j. crew navy longwings

hat tip to jeremiah at a head long dive for the heads up on these alden for j. crew navy longwings and also for this:

can i be honest with you? whew (*wipes hand across forehead), great. i’m sick and tired of pontificating about shit like goodyear welts, full-leather lining and tempered steel shanks, so whether or not you give a baker’s fuck, let’s just agree that all those details and craftsmanship are valuable, comes with all alden footwear and move on.

lmao (i have never typed that, but felt it necessary in this situation).  thank you for saying what needed to be said (for reference see here).  i can’t remember which collaborator had some navy longwings last fall, but i missed the boat and have been looking for a pair ever since.  if i can set aside some cash, i will hopefully make these babies mine sometime in the next month or two, but we all know i stink at saving money, so we’ll see how this goes.

sid mashburn double monks now in black and suede

the most talked about men’s shoe in the blogosphere, the double monk strap, is now available in black and suede from the internet’s most talked about men’s shop sid mashburn.  both look phenomenal.  my brown double monks have quickly become my favorite pair of kicks for work and weekend (i can’t wait to get them back by the way).  if you’ve been thinking about jumping on the double monks train, now is the time to do it.  get after these.  you won’t regret it.

sperry top-sider oxford wingtip

sperry top-sider introduced their premium “cloud” collection sometime last year.  one of the shoes they featured was the suede wingtip you see above.  the cool thing about this shoe is that it follows the traditional wingtip design, but is accented with sperry’s rubber sole and leather laces.  if you’ve been thinking about a casual wingtip that you’d like to wear this fall and don’t want to drop several hundred bucks, then this is the one to get.  you can order your pair here.