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supreme kicks

as i might have mentioned last week, i wasn’t super excited about these supreme x clarks desert chukka boots.  well, that was a mistake on my part.  these things are absolutely flawless.  they fit the same way as my beloved desert boots, but they have an extra lace loop to keep them in place.  the upper is nubuck suede with a nice leather heel detail and crepe soles.  below are a few pics of the shoes right out of the box.  please excuse the shoddy camera work.  i need to learn how to take better pictures.

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supreme x clarks desert chukka

i did it.  i told myself i wasn’t going to, but i did it anyway.  i couldn’t help it.  hype got the better of me.  i bought a pair of supreme x clarks desert chukkas 1 minute after they went on sale.  it was a panic move.  i have an itchy trigger finger aka i know my debit card number by heart.  it’s sad really.  these were too good to pass on.  my friend elliott called me at 9:30 to let me know they were going on sale at 11:30 eastern.  i told him i wasn’t interested, but the more he talked about them the more i realized i needed to make an effort.  i wanted the tan.  they were sold out before they went on sale so i went with the grey.  pics to come when they arrive.

supreme x schott custom pefecto

i lost it when i saw this jacket last week.  i’ve wanted a schott 613 one star leather jacket for as long as i can remember.  their collaboration with supreme this spring would be a good starting point for me.  the jacket above is slim-fit with a custom plaid lining and the supreme logo inside.  i realize i’m not the leather jacket wearing type, but i’m going to own one before i die.  i’ve made a deal with myself: if i can lose a little bit of weight before next september then i have permission to buy this jacket or one like it.