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katin for club monaco


i’m kicking myself.  i hate being late to the party.  i’ve been off my blog game for the last two months.  too much damn travel.  if i had been paying attention, then i would have seen this collaboration between club monaco and surfwear brand katin much much sooner, and i would have purchased a pair of the paradise trunks you see above.  stupid me.  instead, i’m left wondering if i’ll find a pair of trunks for the summer that i like half as much as these.  they do have a red and navy available in my size.  that’s a win, right?  you can check out the full collection here, but before you do watch this video for a primer on the collaboration:

jaws wave by shepard fairey

this has nothing to do with the movie by the same name.  “jaws” is the nickname of the world’s most notorious surf break in maui, hi.  to celebrate their 25th year working in coastal conservation, the surfrider foundation commissioned shepard fairey to illustrate the wave.  you can find out more here.  dope.