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ledbury swim trunks


don’t worry, it’s not too late in the summer for a new pair of trunks.  if you’re a fan or ledbury (and even if you’re not), you need to check out their new hilliard swim trunks.  there’s a nice little story about the idea behind the swim trunks that can be found here on their blog.  but if you’re not into reading, then know that they’re not too baggy and not too slim, they’re made of nylon, and they hit slightly above the knee.  what more do you need in a swim trunk?  you can cop a pair here.



beach inspiration: jeff spicoli

it was 85 degrees today in nashville which got me thinking about the summer and more specifically my upcoming trip to the beach.  a lot of folks are on spring break right now, so this post may not be as premature as you might think.  when i’m at the beach, i like keep things very jeff spicoli: short sleeve polo shirt, volley swim trunks, slip on vans, and some form of beach bag.  if you haven’t seen fast times at ridgemont high, you need to plan on watching it as soon as you possibly can.  mr. serious sean penn as a high school stoner and phoebe cates in a bikini: what’s not to like?

best trunks i ever purchased

i’m 3 weeks away from my first real vacation in a year.  i need it.  my boss looked at me the other day and said, “do you have any vacation coming up?  you could use it.”  i thought that conversation only happened on tv and the movies.  i guess not.  truth is she’s right.

my wife and i will be at the beach for a full week, so i’ll need to pack a couple of swimsuits.  i have 3:  two polo swimsuits i’ve have for 3 or 4 years now and a pair of j. crew 7″ board shorts (above) that i bought last year around this time.  i’ve always wanted some board shorts, but my just under 5’9” frame didn’t really look good in your typical 9” board shorts so i stayed away.  when i saw these at j. crew last year i tried them on not expecting them to fit right.  i was wrong.  they fit me perfectly.  they hit right above the knee and don’t hug my waist too tight.  they also seem to dry quicker than the polo suits.

i’ll definitely pack all 3 swimsuits when i go to the beach next month, but i’ll probably only wear the board shorts.  best trunks i ever purchased.