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best trunks i ever purchased

i’m 3 weeks away from my first real vacation in a year.  i need it.  my boss looked at me the other day and said, “do you have any vacation coming up?  you could use it.”  i thought that conversation only happened on tv and the movies.  i guess not.  truth is she’s right.

my wife and i will be at the beach for a full week, so i’ll need to pack a couple of swimsuits.  i have 3:  two polo swimsuits i’ve have for 3 or 4 years now and a pair of j. crew 7″ board shorts (above) that i bought last year around this time.  i’ve always wanted some board shorts, but my just under 5’9” frame didn’t really look good in your typical 9” board shorts so i stayed away.  when i saw these at j. crew last year i tried them on not expecting them to fit right.  i was wrong.  they fit me perfectly.  they hit right above the knee and don’t hug my waist too tight.  they also seem to dry quicker than the polo suits.

i’ll definitely pack all 3 swimsuits when i go to the beach next month, but i’ll probably only wear the board shorts.  best trunks i ever purchased.