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all grown up

i think taylor swift is 20 now.  it’s nice to see her try and look a little bit more gown up.  having seen her in person not dressed for tv or a concert, i can tell you she is a lot better looking without all the makeup and crazy hair.  for real.


weekly six pack vol 6

i figured i’d sneak my weekly six pack in here before time ran out.  “popular” is a song from lil wayne’s new album i am not a human being. i love the hook and there’s also a line about chris johnson.  i put another avett brother’s tune in the six pack because we were supposed to go see them last night.  i’ve heard mixed reviews on the show, so i’m not too upset we missed it.  the third song by the dodo’s is called “fables.”  a friend of mine brought a boombox to the golf course last weekend and it came on his ipod.  i forgot how good it was.  “you’re gonna kill that girl” by the ramones would be on any halloween playlist i would make.  “magdalena” is a tune off of brandon flowers new record.  i know a million reasons why i shouldn’t like his music, but who cares.  the last track is “mine” from taylor swift.  her new record is good.  i’m not kidding.  if you don’t believe then check out the new rolling stone.  4 stars.  seriously.


weekly six pack vol 5

sorry the six pack is coming a little late today.  i almost forgot about it.  i’ve been listening to the new kings of leon album so much this week that i had a hard time coming up with anything that’s not on come around sundown.  i realize liking the kings might hurt my cool factor, but i stand by them.  the first two tracks are two of my favorites from an album that deserves all 4 of the stars rolling stone gave it.  the third track is from the clash’s under-appreciated album combat rock. it’s also the song m.i.a. used as a sample for “paper planes.”  it’s an especially great song if you’re stuck in traffic.  can’t explain it but it’s true.  the list gets progressively wussier as you go down.  “julie” from jens lekman is one of my go-to jens tracks.  if you don’t know who he is go check out this track and “black cab.”  the 5th song on the list is from belle and sebastian featuring norah jones.  coffee shop rock it is.  the last song is one you’ve probably heard a billion times – john mayer featuring taylor swift “half of my heart.”  it’s a great pop song.  that’s what john mayer does.  he writes pop songs better than anyone.  i wanted taylor swift in the mix this week because i ran into her on sunday night.  she’s much prettier in person than she is in pictures.