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john lennon

Lennon In Paris

“we need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections.  if we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others.”

– john lennon

december 8th is one of those dates i always remember.  it’s the day john lennon died.  obviously, i wasn’t around when this happened, but as a huge beatles fan it’s one of those dates i can’t forget.  his music and life impacted (and continues to impact) so many people.  he had a lot of great quotes about life and love, but i read this one the other day and it stuck with me.  it’s so important to love ourselves and feel good about who we are before we fully commit to loving someone else.  because i’m human i struggle with self confidence like everyone else.  part of me feels like all of my struggles with dating and love are god’s way of leading me to my true self.  i’m looking forward to the day when i can look in the mirror and truly love who i am, because when that happens i will be ready to love someone else in the way i’ve always dreamed about.  thank you for everything, john lennon.  we need you now more than ever.

happy anniversary


today is the 4 year anniversary of to take the train.  this photo of the beatles was one of the first things i posted.  i had this theory that if i posted (and tagged) pictures of things that would get traffic, then people would come.  it didn’t quite work out that way, but that’s ok because i had help from a couple of friends (thank you valetesquire, and every other site than linked or mentioned this blog).

it’s been such an amazing 4 years since i started to take the train.  i’ve gone through some major life changes, i’ve met some good friends (that i hope to meet in person one day), and i’ve had a place to write – which is something i love to do.  i realize i don’t write as much as i used to, but that’s about to change.  it’s a part of me i can’t deny.

all that to say…THANK YOU (first uppercase letters ever used on to take the train) to everyone who has ever read a post or clicked on this blog.  it means a lot to me that you would take the time to stop and read or view ramblings from a person that you don’t know.  i’m excited about the next 4 years.  i think they’re going to be some of my best.  let’s see how long i can keep this thing going.

required listening

everyone has a favorite beatles album.  help is not mine.  picking a favorite would be like picking a favorite kid.  you can’t.  i had an extremely lucky thing happen to me in 8th grade.  my father had been to see a friend in the music business and he gave him a box of cds.  it just so happened the beatles black box was in there – which included all the beatles studio albums including past masters vol 1 and 2.  i was in heaven.  the only two albums i owned at this point were rubber soul and sgt. peppers.  i’ll admit it was a bit overwhelming at first.  i started listening to everything post rubber soul and familiarized myself with the trippy beatles.  i ignored the first 5 albums, because they seemed too safe.  later in high school, i got a copy of some acoustic guitar magazine that had the chords to “you’ve got to hide your love away” in it.  i pulled out help and listened to the song.  how had i not heard this before?  it didn’t sound like the early beatles.  it sounded like something dylan would write.  i explored the rest of the album.  you could tell they were maturing – reaching for something bigger than what they had done on previous records.  their early sound remained true on “ticket to ride”, “another girl” and the covers “dizzy miss lizzy” and ” act naturally,” but the songwriting was going elsewhere.  some might argue that “yesterday” is the best song the beatles ever wrote.  it’s definitely one of my favorites, but the two songs on help that define that record for me are “tell me what you see” and the mixed tape go-to “i’ve just seen a face.”  in my opinion no one has ever captured that love-at-first-sight moment better than “i’ve just seen a face” and no one ever will.  you just can’t compete with the beatles. 

welcome to the 21st century

this makes me very happy.

the beatles

musical education begins with the beatles.