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j. press online rotating pictures

i received an email this morning from j. press with the title “spring/summer collection 2011.”  naturally i opened it immediately and clicked the link to the website.  i love j. press’ website.  it’s simple, understated, and doesn’t use a ton of flash.  it’s exactly like their clothes.

i’m not a website or graphic designer by any means, but i realize functionality is key to good design.  so many websites load up on flash making their sites nightmares to load and navigate around.  j. press online has their navigation in blue on the left side of the site.  click on any of the buttons and they take you to what you want to look at.  it’s good to see that j. press doesn’t feel the need to make their website hip because preppy is back in style.

i thought the rotating images they just added for spring were worthy of a post.  again, there’s nothing too flashy about the images, because the products speak for themselves.  any of those ties would be a fine addition to your collection.  i don’t fancy myself a big ribbon belt fan, but those look perfect for the spring.

j. press is a classy place.  if you’re in new york, d.c., boston or new haven, be sure to go by there and check out their spring collection.  if you’re not, then their website will do you just fine.

true prep

true prep, lisa birnbach’s followup to the official preppy handbook, is out today.  i’m curious to get my hands on one.  i think it will be a good read on the whole prep movement and what’s happening in our culture.  it’s nice to see classic style becoming relevant again.  it’s much easier to look at boat shoes and blazers than t-shirts with snakes and dragons on them and jeans with shit on the pockets. 

my only concern with trying to define “prep” is that it makes you sound like kind of a douche.  i have a hard time reading some blogs that act like prep manuals i.e. you have to wear colorful pants and a bow tie  to get your picture taken.  screw that.  most of the guys i grew up with would be considered prep, but i guarantee you they don’t sit around wondering if they look prep enough like some bloggers do.