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arnold palmer umbrella visor

as i mentioned on monday, i’ve been on a quest for old school visors, so i started thinking about the coolest logo in golf and wondered if it was possible to find a visor with the arnold palmer umbrella on it.  mission accomplished.  pga tour shop had me covered and for cheap ($12).  if you’re wondering why arnie chose an umbrella, i’ll tell you.  according to sources (aka the internet), arnie’s always been well aware of his brand, so when they formed arnold palmer industries, arnie knew they needed some sort of symbol to stand out.  as they went down the list of golf companies, they realized most of the items associated with golf – clubs, balls, hats, etc. – had been taken, so arnie said, “what about an umbrella.”  his business associates told him that the umbrella was probably not available but they’d look into it.  sure enough, it wasn’t trademarked and arnie used the multicolored umbrella for his brand.  the reason for it’s success is because arnie’s such a badass.  he could have chosen a pink bunny rabbit and his merchandise would still sell.