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made in america: flint and tinder

want to know how many underwear companies are making their product in the us?  well, i don’t have an exact figure, but it’s not a lot.  out of the 50 leading underwear brands, only one company is making their underwear here in the us.  jake bronstein, an entrepreneur, plans to do something about it.  he’s started a kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new company called flint and tinder that will make “men’s basics” right here in the good ol’ us of a.  his goals for the new brand are:

1) high quality for superior comfort and durability

2) 100% made in the us

3) fairly priced

sounds like a winner to me.  the other cool part is that flint and tinder are creating jobs.  they’ll be made by a factory that’s had to downsize almost 70% in the last couple of years due to the poor economy.  for every 1000 pairs of underwear they sell per month, a new job is added to the assembly line.

you can head over to their kickstarter campaign to make a donation if you’d like.  if you donate $15, you get a free pair of underwear.  they set out to raise $30,000 and they’re now up to almost $200,000.  america, fuck yeah.

victoria’s secret fashion show review

i watched the victoria’s secret fashion last night.  holy shit.  i believe everyone has their own definition of heaven and this might be mine: some of the world’s most beautiful women parading around in creative underwear for an hour.  i don’t think you can buy most of what was showcased last night in the mall, but that’s not the point.  honestly, i don’t really know what the point of the fashion show is, but who cares.  i think the best thing about the victoria’s secret is their endless supply of reinforcements.  you see the world will never stop producing beautiful women.  i’m just glad the good people at victoria’s secret have the know-how to grab them, capture them, and release them back to the world when it’s time.  don’t try to memorize their names, because there will be a handful of new ones next year.  i guess this isn’t so much a review as it is a comment.  if you missed it last night, go find it online and watch it.  i’ll probably watch it again tonight.  it’s such a special event.