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the tipped polo shirt


polo shirts are awesome and should be a summertime wardrobe staple.  no, i’m not going to list the reason why or compile a list of my favorites.  (valet did that this morning and it’s impressive.)  what i will tell you is that i’m feeling these tipped polo shirts like the one above.  it’s a nice changeup when you want to give your magnum p.i. floral shirt a break (more on that at a later date).

march goal: master the kettlebell

i followed valet’s advice and bought a kettlebell.  the 35 pounder (16 kg) was the recommended entry level kettlebell for an out of shape dude.  i took group kettlebell classes 2 years ago, but dropped out because the “instructor” spent most of the time talking to his buddy about karate and survivor.  spring is a better time to begin my new years resolution to drop a few pounds for two reasons: 1) those that have quit their get in shape resolutions are no longer at the gym, and 2) you can exercise outside again.  my goal is to lose 10 lbs this month.  it’s tough to be a #menswear blogger with a gut.  i’m hoping this kettlebell will be a nice kick-starter to my workout program.  i’ll keep you posted on the progress.

shout out to valet

i went to order a new pair of rubber mocs yesterday and noticed the shout out to valet on l.l. bean’s website.  it reads “as seen in valet magazine, october 2011.”  that small mention made me very happy for their team.  i’ve been reading valet since 2008 (i think) and wouldn’t have a blog or be interested in half the stuff i’m interested in without them.  they do such an incredible job of helping dudes like me find cool things on the internet.  i would guess that most of my readership has come from valet’s generous mentions of to take the train via their morning report.  if you’re not checking out valet everyday then you need to be.  keep up the good work and thanks for all you do.

saddle shoe spectrum (via valet)

i think valet and i are on the same page about saddle shoes this fall.  if i had the cash i’d probably throw down for the mark mcnairy’s but you can’t go wrong with any of the other three.  here’s another looks at the mcnairy’s: