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patagonia bivy vest


a couple of weeks ago, one of my girl friends ditched her tinder date because he was wearing a vest.  i can’t say i blame her.  if i was meeting a girl for the first time, i might have tried a little harder.  maybe it wasn’t the right kind of vest?  no, she hates all vests.  they’re too fratty.

i, for one, love a good vest.  the weather in nashville has been too warm to wear one lately, but that’s not going to stop me.  i’m the real rebel every damn day (wesley willis quote for those so inclined).  this vest season, i’m going with the patagonia bivy down vest.  the video on the website says it’s in its element for “chopping wood, loading the boat or checking the surf.”  that means it’s perfect for me because i do all of those things on the reg.

apc x carhartt down vest

seeing the words apc & carhartt together still weirds me out a little bit.  mainly because the only pants i wore in college were carhartts, and when i stopped trying to act like a redneck after college,  i bought a pair of apc new standards.  (not that you have to be a redneck to wear carhartt pants but i thought i was when i put them on).  all kidding aside, it makes sense that these two brands would come together and produce some good looking s**t like this down vest.  it also comes in black, but i’m partial to this hazel color.  the only downside is the price.  (hint it’s $320).  what do you expect.  it’s apc.  duh.

crescent down works for j.crew

speaking of vests…the j.crew collaboration with crescent down works (which i mentioned here a couple of weeks ago) is now available in their online store.  the vests is the same one i posted – the north by northwest vest – but in a fern color.  they also carry a burnished moss color (tan to you and me).  i’ll take one of each please.

north by north west vest

the north by north west vest is made by crescent down works – who is of course collaborating with j. crew this fall.  not sure what their version is going to look like, but i’m pumped to check it out.  with that said i doubt it will look better than the vest above.