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required listening: the good, the bad and the ugly soundtrack


is there an album that makes you feel more like a badass than this album?  the answer is no.  i had surgery a month ago and was laid up for almost a week.  during my couch stint, i revisited the man with no name trilogy and it made me realize what an unbelievable composer ennio morricone is.

my first exposure to the good, the bad and the ugly was in 8th grade when one of our close family friends let me watch it with him.  he was a couple of years older than me and i thought he was the coolest dude ever i.e. whatever he liked i liked.  i asked for the soundtrack for my birthday and my parents delivered.

you don’t have to have to see the movie to appreciate the film score.  you’ve probably heard most of it in the hipster coffee shop you frequent on weekdays.  you know what i’m talking about.  it’s that music mixed with gunfire, whistling and yodeling that stops and makes you wish you were riding to work on a horse – guns at your side – instead of your toyota prius.  you can’t miss it.  it’s one of a kind and should be in your collection.


wanted: bo diddley on vinyl

i’m going through a major blues phase right now.  like a true record snob, every time i turn on my ipod i think “i bet this would sound so good on vinyl.”  let’s face it, the blues were made for vinyl.  my first addition to my extremely small vinyl collection will by bo diddley is a gunslinger.  i’m about to get educated.

christmas essential

if you’re out and about today and have a record store day-participating independent record store in your neighborhood, then stop by there and grab a copy of the newly re-released a jolly christmas from frank sinatra on vinyl.  it’s been remastered from the analog master recordings and features the replicated original art work.  my store here in town is out, but i will be checking back next week.  it’s a must have.