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warby parker sunglasses

warby parker sunglasses are finally here.  there have been rumblings of their existence for quite sometime.  if you’re not keen on warby parker, it’s time to get educated.  i mentioned them back in march when i bought my first pair of frames.  i absolutely love them.  5 out of 5 stars if we had to go there.  i even convinced my wife to buy some.  on our trip to the beach last month, three people in the airport told her they liked her glasses (i’m sure they would have liked mine, but i wasn’t wearing them at the time).  moving right along…the sunglasses are now available on their site for pre-order.  they’ll run you a cool $95 polarized.  you read that correctly: i said polarized.  that’s an insane price for this kind of quality.  plus, when you buy a pair, wp donates a pair to a person in need.  incredible.  now go buy some sunglasses.

new warby parker frames

i’ve needed a new pair of glasses for a year now.  my prescription has changed enough to annoy me.  i’ve heard only good things from warby parker and last week i put them to the test.  the ordering process was simple: i found the glasses i liked, virtually tried them on, put my information in the system, and paid.  easy enough.  the next day i realized i wanted to change frame color and sent them an email expecting them to say too late.  a fantastic customer service rep named katie sent me an email back and said done.  all of this went down last wednesday.  on thursday they shipped.  yesterday they arrived.  i was so excited that i went home during lunch to the grab them.  they came in a nice warby parker branded box and when i opened the box there was a note (below) thanking me for buying them and giving me their email address and phone number in case i had issues.  i didn’t.  the glasses were flawless.  the color (amber) is exactly what i wanted and they’re so light i can barely feel them on my face.  i took them back to work for approval.  i got a thumbs up from everyone and then had 2 separate people tell me they needed new glasses but didn’t want to pay a fortune.  when i revealed i only paid $95 for these, they were shocked.  i sent them to wp’s website.  this is how you create fans.  great work, warby parker.

new warby parker frames for 2011

fresh from my inbox: warby parker has released some new frames for 2011.  you can see the rest at their website.  if you don’t know the deal with warby parker, here’s the skinny: they make vintage inspired frames for $95 and for every pair they sell they give a pair to someone in need.  why wouldn’t you buy glasses from them?  i’ve made it all the way through the ordering process twice but don’t know my pupilary distance and have been too lazy to go get it measured.  i’m gonna do it this week.

new glasses

step 1: eye exam (complete)

step 2: pick frames from warby parker (complete)

step 3: order new glasses (coming soon)

wp is the real deal.  glasses aren’t cheap and they do frames and lenses for under $100.  can’t beat it.