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watch upgrade

i don’t own a nice watch which is not something i’ve been too concerned about until recently. i’m not sure if it’s my age or my profession as a banker, but lately i’ve been noticing what other people have on their wrists. a friend of mine has an incredible watch collection and has been trying to talk me into a nicer timepiece since i graduated from college. my response to him has always been what i like to call the sunglasses excuse: i’ll just lose it. well, it’s been almost 10 years since i graduated from college and i haven’t lost a pair of sunglasses yet (knock on wood). it’s time for me to invest in a watch. starting may 1, i’m putting all most #menswear purchases aside to save for said watch. i’ve got my sights set on a rolex – either the submariner or air king with the blue dial. i figured i needed to go with a classic; although, price and availability will probably dictate my decision. i’m not really much of a saver, so this is going to be quite a challenge. #firstworldproblems

quick word about drive

i recently saw drive.  it’s easily one of the best films of the year.  a couple of things worth noting: 1) the soundtrack is incredible – sets the mood of the film perfectly.  2) the scorpion jacket ryan gosling wears in the film is custom made and inspired by korean souvenir jackets from the 1950s.  3) the boots are a cap toe boot made by stacy adams.  4) the jean jacket is vintage levi’s.  5) his watch is a replica of a patek phillippe and currently not for sale.  5) the bag he uses in the film is a large filson duffle.  6) sunglasses are selima optique.

the weekender is here

after i posted about the new timex weekender watches on tuesday, i ordered one.  it arrived yesterday.  i love it.  it’s hard to believe i thought about dropping $150 on one of those timex for j. crew watches when this puppy only cost 40 bones and shipped for free.  having seen the timex for j. crew watch in person, i prefer the look of the weekender to that one.  it also has indiglo which made the 12 year old in me very excited.  i can’t wait to show it off the next time i go to the movies.  i’m kidding, but i figured i’d needed to share a quick pic before i put it on my wrist for the rest of the summer.  you can get your own timex weekender here.

while you were out featuring j. crew

i’ve been slammed at work for the past two days and haven’t been able to post or read any of my favorite blogs.  while i was out, j. crew has been busy adding some new things to their store.  let’s take a look.

timex andros watch – in most cases i would be opposed to paying $150 for something that costs considerably less to make, but this watch looks impressive.

limited edition alden black alpine longwing bluchers – these bluchers are handcrafted in horween’s chromexcel pebbled leather and then hand stained and polished.  better act fast.

quoddy tri-color chukka boots – i’m embarrassed to say i don’t own anything made by quoddy.  these would be a good starting point.

red wing 2904 – j. crew, please stop doing red wing collaborations.  it’s killing my wallet.  red wing experts correct me if i’m wrong but i believe this model was conceived entirely by j. crew.  i’ve never seen it or heard of it before.

new balance 1400 sneakers – i know i talk about these ad nauseum but i really like this new military grey color.

persol aviator sunglasses – aviators never go out of style.  invest accordingly.

the new “original” watch from swiss army

a blog to read has a nice write up on swiss army’s new “original” watch.  in a nutshell, it’s a more fashionable reproduction of the classic original watch they introduced in 1989.  with military watches and nato straps back in style, they’re going to sell a boatload of these.  the new original watch will retail for under $300.  i’ve got dibs on the black one.

timex heritage watch

i saw this puppy today on sartorially inclined.  not a bad looking watch for under $100.  as i mentioned a couple of days ago, i have a little trouble paying over $30 for a timex but hey looking fresh ain’t cheap.