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fawc: friday afternoon whiskey club

at the end of last summer, i had lunch with a friend who told me he had started making drinks as a hobby.  he invited me over later that afternoon to try out a new drink he found in a magazine.  i can’t remember the name of said drink, but it was excellent.  we moved on to a traditional manhattan and then another one.  before i knew it, i was an hour late to dinner and had a pretty good buzz going.  when the next friday rolled around, we got together again and made a different drink.  it’s now a somewhat weekly thing (when our schedule’s are both free).  we’ve been trying out different whiskeys and different cocktails and inviting whoever wants to show up.  there’s no better way to wrap up a tough week at work than with the friday afternoon whiskey club.

jeff’s set-up: he has a whole bookcase full of liquor, but we’ve mostly stuck to whiskey.

i handled the drink duties last week and went with the valet mentioned whiskey smash.

the finished product.

what are you planning on drinking this afternoon?  suggestions welcome.

not your dad’s first

i love this ad.  i believe it was for canadian club whiskey and titled “your mom wasn’t your dad’s first.”  it’s ads like this one and shows like mad men that make me think the 60’s were so much cooler than the early 21st century.  bull roar.  i’m sure every generation looks back on generations past and says the same thing.  for example, vietnam was not that cool.  i’m glad i missed that.  regardless, this ad is amazing.