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authors, creators and their typewriters


i want a typewriter.  there’s something mystical about them.  i keep thinking that if i find one on ebay or at the flea market that i will crank out the next the sun also rises while smoking cigarettes and sipping on american whiskey (i don’t smoke by the way).  i want to write.  it’s inside me.  i can feel it.  i don’t enjoy writing on my computer.  there’s nothing sexy about word or pages or whatever we use to drum up documents.  typewriters are sexy.  they hold stories.  all of the great novels we grew up reading were created on typewriters.  i miss them.  i learned to write on my mom’s typewriter.  i remember when she sent it off to goodwill after she purchased an electric typewriter.  it didn’t feel the same.  i don’t know when i’ll find the typewriter of my dreams, but until then here are some pictures of some famous authors and creators with their typewriters.  maybe it will be the inspiration you need to start writing.  it’s working for me.


hemingway (also above)

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band of outsiders for the academy awards

i just caught this story over at selectism.  band of outsiders sent a list of select nominees (alexander payne, woody allen, george clooney, brad pitt, jonah hill, and gary oldman) a gift package containing a fortune cookie and a clip-on bow tie.  the inside reads “he who wears band of outsiders bow tie wins important award.”  i wonder if any of these gentlemen will take a chance with it.  what a great idea from band of outsiders.  to see some well-dressed nominees from previous oscars click here.

a moveable feast

last night i went and saw woody allen’s new movie midnight in paris.  i highly recommend it if a) you’re a woody allen fan and b) you like the music and literature of the 1920’s especially ernest hemingway and f. scott fitzgerald.  i saw some critics refer to it as a romantic comedy.  i guess you could call it that if you call annie hall a romantic comedy.  i didn’t know much about the film before seeing it and that’s the best way to go into it i.e. i’m not going to give anything away.  my next project will be to read hemingway’s a moveable feast.  i have a feeling allen took a lot of his material from hemingway’s account of paris in the 1920’s.  great movie.

(hemingway in paris in the 1920s)