the case for a gentleman’s mustache

my wife and i watched the sting this past weekend with paul newman and robert redford.  it was my first time to see it.  incredible movie.  it’s amazing how many other movies have copied the sting’s formula.  before i go any further into this post, i want to point out that the sting won 7 oscars in 1973 including best picture and best costume design.  if you haven’t seen it, please check it out immediately.

newman’s mustache in the film should have garnered a best supporting actor nod.  it stole every scene newman was in.  nowadays mustaches are associated with child molesters and ironic hipsters, but that’s not how it used to be.  i watch all these old movies where many upper class people donned mustaches.  they weren’t trying to hide anything.  it was more of a necessary accessory like the bow tie is to the tux.  a well groomed mustache with good intentions is a classy look.  don’t grow one for a laugh.  grow one because it fits your lifestyle.  let’s leave the ironic mustaches to the last decade.  they’re not funny anymore.

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