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required listening

my dad grew up one street over from graceland in memphis, so when i was a kid i would hear all these unbelievable elvis stories.  my dad said he would try to play football with elvis and his buddies and they wouldn’t let him because he was younger and smaller.  he remembers when elvis came back from the war and drove his motorcycle up and down his street (usually with a babe on the back).  my grandmother was a dental hygienist for a couple of years and cleaned his teeth once or twice.  he would come in after hours and then invite everyone bowling.  she said he was extremely nice.  hearing all these stories peaked an early interest in elvis.  i can’t remember what album i started with but “heartbreak hotel” and “blue suede shoes” were the songs i knew the best.  as i grew older and began really paying attention to music, i discovered that elvis didn’t write any of his own material and it pissed me off.  how could you be the king of rock and roll and not write your own tunes?  i thought he was a scam.  it wasn’t until the remastered sun sessions came out that i gave elvis another shot.  i started there and moved to elvis presley elvis presley.  holy shit.  this is what i had been waiting for.  i read all these biographies on the beatles and the stones and they talk about how much of an influence elvis was for them.  i get it now.  elvis presley elvis presley is the first accessible rock and roll record.  until then rhythm and blues was housed on the other side of the tracks.  elvis brought it to the masses.  check out his version of “i got a woman”, “just because” and “blue moon.”  long live the king.

rugby university duck boot tie

via sartorially inclined and available at rugby


new year’s eve

i hate new year’s eve.  i’ve had one good one in 29 years.  it’s an overrated evening.  i usually spend too much damn money on whatever party i’ve been conned into going to and then can’t find a ride back home.  i don’t mean to sound bitter, but people act like it’s the end of the world if you don’t celebrate by pissing yourself.  with that said, i’m not telling you what i’m doing tonight.  it would bore the daylights out of you.  i hope you have a wonder new year’s eve and new year’s day.  i’m pumped about 2011.

by the way, the picture above is from when harry met sally.  the last scene is one of my favorites.  if you’ve never seen it, go watch it.

i need these

minnetonka double bottom fleece moccasins.  available at urban outfitters.

john hughes movie marathon

i apologize for the lack of posts the last couple of days.  i’ve been a bit under the weather.  the good news is i was able to watch 4 john hughes movies in one day.  can you name them all? ferris bueller’s day off, sixteen candles, planes trains & automobiles, and uncle buck.  not a bad way to spend a sick day.

merry christmas

i know i’m a day early, but merry christmas.  i hope you have a good one.

clarks desert boots x ronnie fieg

while checking out the david z site this morning i noticed these gray clarks desert boots designed by ronnie fieg.  i had just given up my search on finding a pair of gray desert boots.  perfect timing.  i hit purchase.  i’ll post pics when they arrive.

kunis and portman

two kunis and portman posts in one day is a good day.  i might need to see black swan again.  such a good movie.

song of the day

the song of the day is “straight to hell” by the clash.  i tried to find an album cut of the song with a creative video, but the ones i found on youtube were pretty shitty.  it’s hard to notice on the live version but m.i.a. ripped off the intro for her massive hit “paper planes.”  if i were you, i’d go download “straight to hell” right this second.

weekend plans

the first movie i ever saw on a christmas day was tombstone, so i have no problem spending my christmas at the movies watching a western.  the reviews on true grit have been stellar.  the coen bros don’t make bad movies.  admit one please.