new tune monday

three albums of note were released today.  i’m starting to like these monday releases.  looks like kanye and jay-z started a new trend with watch the throne.  who’s decision was it to release stuff on tuesdays anyway?  monday makes a lot more sense.  here’s what i’m downloading:

red hot chili peppers i’m with you.  the red hot chili peppers are one of my all-time favorite bands, so any time they release a new album, i’m buyin’.  i was worried they wouldn’t sound as good without guitarist john frusciante, but new axe-man josh klinghoffer takes over admirably.  initial reaction: better than 2006’s stadium arcadium.

lil wayne tha carter iv.  this is one i’ve been excited about for a while.  tha carter iii and da drought 3 were on constant rotation in my car in 2007/2008.  i stayed away from last years rebirth – figuring rap rock should have died with limp bizkit – so i’m expecting big things from this release.  besides the singles (“john”, “she will”, “6 foot 7 foot”, “how to love”), i haven’t heard anything else.  i’ll let you know how it is, but if you’re a lil tunechi fan then you’ve probably already heard it, baby.

david guetta nothing but the beatdon’t judge.  guetta is a guilty pleasure.  i realize this is the a-hole responsible for “i’ve got a feeling” but don’t hold that against him.  dude’s got talent.  i’m loving the lead single “where them girls at” mainly because nicki minaj is a mutha-f**king monster.  great running music.

  1. I refuse to label Guetta a guilty pleasure, haha!
    Haven’t yet checked this album out, obviously must do, post-haste…

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