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common projects chelsea boots


chelsea boots are suddenly en vogue.  well, maybe suddenly is the wrong word choice.  they never really go out of style.  they’re classics.

i’ve had my eye on these common projects chelsea boots since 2012.  i regret not following through with the purchase because kanye started wearing them and if ye’s wearing them then that means they’re going to be harder and harder to get (duh).  i’ve been hesitant to mention them on here because i wasn’t sure how i felt about the color choices – tan and grey.  i’m on board now.  you can pre-order a pair on barneys website, but they won’t ship until february.  we’ll call that they ye effect.


yeezus indian headress t-shirt


i bought this t-shirt.  this is not a joke.  i think it’s f**king awesome.  it reminded me of the grateful dead x wes lang t-shirt that i neglected to buy last year.  leave it to kanye to create something so next level that it almost completely contradicts his personal brand (or does it? i can’t keep up).

i missed his show in nashville the other night.  it looked amazing from what i saw on instagram.  i hope i can catch it in another city, but if that doesn’t happen, at least i’ll have this badass indian headress t-shirt (that’s funny on so many levels).  you can get your very own here if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

top 10 albums of 2011 (or the ones i listened to the most)

i had lunch with a friend last week and he asked me what i had been listening to lately.  i gave him three albums: pearl jam vs., pearl jam vitalogy, and the smashing pumpkins siamese dream.  i figured he’d make some joke about it being 2011, but instead he said, “that’s amazing.  you’re listening to music from 20 years ago.”  that’s when it hit me: either new music is incredibly boring or i’m getting older and finding relief in the music that shaped my teenage years.  whatever the reason, 2011 was a down year for new music.  i did manage to find a few diamonds in the rough and here they are:

10. the weeknd house of balloons – not sure where the weeknd came from but i hope he makes music for a very long time.  “the morning” is on constant rotation in my car.  makes me feel cooler than i really am.

9. girls father, son, holy ghost – a stellar follow up to their debut album.  sounds like surf music from the 1960s.  be sure to check out “honey bunny” and “vomit.”

8. my morning jacket circuitalcircuital is full of everything: uppers, downers, and in-betweeners.  when i reviewed it in may, i called it an “instant classic.”  i stand by that.  “holdin’ on to black metal” really whoops my ass with a belt.

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top 10 albums of 2010

i’m a big fan of year-end best of list.  i saw a few came out yesterday.  this is the first year i’ve kept a running list.  it was hard to narrow it down to 10 though.  here are a few that deserve honorable mention: vampire weekend contra, phosphorescent here’s to taking it easy, the black keys brothers, wavves king of the beach, mgmt congratulations and jamey johnson the guitar song.  without further ado, here are my 10 favorite albums of 2010:

10. surfer blood astro coast

9. lcd soundsystem this is happening

8. suckers wild smile

7. arcade fire the suburbs

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music you need today

kanye west my beautiful dark twisted fantasy – as good as it gets

girl talk all day – greg gillis’ best effort yet

bruce springsteen the promise – the missing link between born to run & darkness

a word about runaway

kanye west’s much hyped short film runaway debuted this weekend online.  i watched the whole thing saturday night on my computer.  when it ended, i was confused.  what the hell did i just watch?  don’t get me wrong – the music was great – but what about the rest of it?  twitter was an awful place to hide from it.  people were blowing up twitter talking about how they’ve never seen anything so cool.  i’m not a hater by any means, but what am i missing?  do i need to watch it on a bigger screen?  i get the phoenix metaphor and understand why it’s important for him to rise from the ashes and prove everyone wrong, but can you really call all 34 minutes art?  i don’t know.  maybe i need to watch it again.  i’m unimpressed.  if someone can enlighten me, i’d really appreciate it.

weekly six pack volume two

as promised this week’s weekly six pack.  you’re probably thinking two kanye songs two weeks in a row.  well, i can’t help it.  dude’s on fire right now.  the hook of this song might be one of my favorites: “the sh*t is f**king ridiculous.”  as far as the other selections are concerned, let me explain: i’m going to see the national this sunday night;  passion pit is coming at the end of the month; jenny and johnny were in town last week; the chromeo tune is just plain good; and eli “paperboy” reed sounds like old school soul.  done.

weekly six pack vol 1

each week i’m going to feature a weekly “6 pack” (not the first time this has been used) of songs that are on heavy rotation in my car or office.  above is the first entry.  you probably won’t agree with everything i post and i don’t expect you to, but i hope every now and again you find one song or artist that will make it into your rotation.  enjoy.


i told myself that i wasn’t going to post “runaway” on this blog.  i’ve tried and tried to avoid it, but i can’t resist any longer.  i won’t call it a great song (he’s done better), but it’s the song of the moment.  i hope you can listen to it without missing the point.  he’s not celebrating being a douchebag or an asshole.  he’s saying i’ve been those things.  don’t get close to me.  i’ve screwed up and i’m tired of it. 

“i’m so gifted at finding what i don’t like the most” – who can’t relate to that line?  no one’s perfect.  i’m glad kanye’s finally realized this.  dude’s done some major growing up lately.


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